Kevin spacey will hold a Tony award

Кевин Спейси проведет премию «Тони»

11 June 2017, will host the next awards ceremony “Tony”. The event will be held in new York and will traditionally gather numerous celebrities. Today it was announced the name of the person, which this year will be leading the celebration. It’s Kevin Spacey.

“I was second in the list of contenders for the role in “Suspicious persons”, the fourth on the casting of “American Beauty” and 15th in line for the leading role of “Tony,”he joked about the destination actor. – I think my career is going in the right direction. Maybe someday I will get into the shortlist for the leading “Oscar”, if all other candidates will refuse,” said spacey of his appointment.

We will note that Kevin has already received a Tony. In 1991, the actor was given the award for her role in the play “Lost in Yonkers”.

Help: Tony Award(eng.TonyAward) is the popular name of the award awarded annually for achievements in American theater, including musical theater (especially the numerous productions of nabradia,new York). The full official name of the award is”the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre”.The prize is awarded by a community consisting of approximately 700 people related to the entertainment industry and journalism. The Tony award was founded in1947 completed gogui is considered to be the theatrical equivalent of cinematic”Oscar”, a musical, a Grammy and a television Emmy.

Currently, the prize is awarded in 27 nominations.