Kevin spacey confessed to having links with men

Кевин Спейси признался в связях с мужчинами After the scandal with Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood figures talking about past violence. Star of the TV series “house of cards” Kevin spacey made coming out after the actor of “Star trek” has accused him of sexual harassment.
Кевин Спейси признался в связях с мужчинами

58-year-old actor Kevin spacey made a statement about his personal life. The two-time winner of the award “Oscar” published a post on Twitter, which frankly told about their relationships with men. Celebrity had to appeal to the public once the star of the TV series “Star trek” Anthony RAPP accused him of harassment. According to the artist, this happened in 1986, when he was 14 years old. RAPP claims that spacey invited him home for a party, and then had intended to seduce. “I understand what he’s trying to engage me in sexual contact,” said Anthony. However, Kevin was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, therefore, his colleague in the shop managed to break free and leave.

In his official statement, spacey admitted that he doesn’t remember the incident, which told RAPP. However, Kevin apologized to the man and noted that he admires his acting abilities.

“I respect Anthony RAPP and admire him as an artist. I was terrified by his story. To be honest, I don’t remember our meeting, that was over 30 years ago. But if I acted then like he describes, I must offer him a sincere apology for behaving inappropriately. I deeply regret the emotions with which he had to live all these years,” said spacey.
Кевин Спейси признался в связях с мужчинами

According to Kevin, the story of Anton and forced him to think and rethink their behavior. Spacey intends to more deeply understand yourself. According to the Hollywood star, he decided to define your sexual preferences and begin to meet men.

“I know about me, there were many rumors, which fueled my closed position in relation to the personal life. In my life I have had relationships with both men and women. Throughout my life I have had romantic encounters with men, and I decided to live as gay. I want to deal with it honestly and openly, it will begin with a study of my own behavior,” said spacey.

Rumors that the star of the series “house of cards” and the movie “American Beauty” is representative of sexual orientation, went a long time. The actor, who had never been in a registered marriage, carefully hid his personal life from public attention. For a long time Kevin denied such speculation. According to some, spacey met with actress April Winchell and screenwriter Dianne Dreyer, who worked with Pollack and Shyamalan.

Кевин Спейси признался в связях с мужчинами