Kevin Federlein spoke about the education of their sons with Britney Spears

Кевин Федерляйн рассказал о воспитании сыновей с Бритни Спирс

No scandals and resentment no longer worried about Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federlein. American actress and her ex-husband and choreographer has found the perfect balance relations of divorced parents in the upbringing of their sons – year-old Sean Preston and ten-year-old Jayden James. Those times when ex-spouses fought for children, has sunk into Oblivion, and now they are all happy.

“In daily routine, many things seem easier. I do not deny that it was smooth not always, but is all right now,” said Kevin.
Britney was second and, as time has shown, the last wife of Kevin. He was married to singer and actress cher Jackson, who bore him a son and a daughter, now he’s married to Victoria Prince, with whom he has two daughters, Jordan and Peyton.
Kevin tries to maintain close relations with all the older kids and friendly with their moms. Experience has shown that when taken into account the interests of the child, all the insults and imaginary principles parents go into the shadows. So, Federlein not offended by Britney for the fact that the sons in this year father’s Day without him.
“I normally treat that can’t always be with their children. When parents live apart, you have to get used to, that we must give up some desired moments. Britney is now in the Asian tour, and Sean and Jayden escorted her there. But with me, the boys stayed until 15 June, and the remainder of the month will hold away from me,” Kevin said.
Federlein interested in the life and interests of each of their six children, although it is recognized that it is not easy.
“When you’re the father of six children, it seems that your little basketball team. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. All my kids are friendly and get along with each other,” said Kevin.