Keti Topuria was reunited with her husband for daughter

Кети Топурия воссоединилась с супругом ради дочери The singer continues to chat with Lev Hahmann, despite the statement about the breakup. The star couple has decided to maintain friendly relations for the sake of daughter Olivia. Recently, all three spent time in the Park.

In early September, Keti Topuria shocked fans with news about the separation with her husband Lev Gamanam. The actress admitted that despite the end of a romantic relationship, they will always be close friends. Star parents continue to meet very often for my daughter Olivia, in June 2017 two years old.

Keti Topuria has officially announced the separation from husband

Recently, Leo and Katie spent some time with the baby in the Park. The girl happily riding a scooter dressed in the same pants, like his father. The famous singer shared a joint with pictures of Olivia Pope.

Fans were thrilled with these shots. Many of them praised Katie for wanting to keep friendly relations with my husband for my daughter. “Olivia is just beautiful. Shows how much she loves daddy,” “You were a very beautiful couple. Do not cut off the shoulder, maybe practice makes perfect”, “Ideal family, raduyte us often times these photos”, – shared his impressions of the subscribers Topuria in Instagram.

Earlier, the actress admitted that she had broken up with her husband, but considered him a family man.

“Leo, thank you for the happiness called Olivia. Despite the fact that we are no longer together, we are family, true friends, and it is forever. Love you,” previously wrote a young woman on Instagram.

The novel, the soloist of “A’studio” and Leo Gahman began in 2009. But the lovers are legalized Union only in 2013. Fans sincerely hope that spending time together will have a positive impact on the relationship of the star couple, and they will be able to reunite.

Recall that the rumors about the breakup Topuria husband regularly appeared in the press. Earlier, the mother of the actress told that the lion and Katie rarely saw each other because her daughter works mainly in Moscow, and brother-in-law develops business in the United States.

A little later, the singer began to ascribe an affair with rapper Body. Katie herself has repeatedly denied such speculation, noting that with hip-hop artist it is associated exclusively friendly relations.

Rapper Guf publicly appealed to Keti Topuria

Now Topuria devotes all his spare time two year old daughter. The actress admitted that motherhood has changed her Outlook on life. Fans never tire of repeating that Olivia is surprisingly similar to both parents, and grows a real beauty.