Кети Топурия пострадала от загара
The singer can not give up sunbathing.

Photo: Instagram

Keti Topuria was another guest vloga singer Gluk’oza. Girl was found in one of the capital’s Studio to experiment with makeup. Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova decided to create a friend and colleague a very unusual way, though, it would seem, Katie, and so is one of the most “cosmic” characters on the national stage.

Along the way, revealed unexpected details. 30-year-old Topuria said that he loves to sunbathe in the sun, but absolutely do not use protective creams. Because of this, with age she found an unpleasant problem.

“I’m all covered with liver spots — confessed Katy. — I’ve removed them with laser but after the procedure on the sun to appear at all impossible. More precisely, you can sunbathe, but with super protection. That to me looks like freckles, actually — the dark spots that appeared from the sun. Before I had nothing! And do not use cream, high spf can cause on the nose because it burns all the time!”

With regard to its ideal form, then, it seems that Cathy just got lucky with genetics. The girl is not sports, but its parameters would envy and model on the catwalk. “When I was doing yoga,” recalled Topuria.

Meanwhile, fans remember when Katie was just starting to sing in the group “A-Studio”, she was “chunk”. But after a few years of touring life Topuria has turned into such a as it looks today.