Кети Топурия показала семейную идиллию после слухов об измене Soloist of the popular group A Studio, went to Georgia together with loved ones – husband Lev Gamanam and daughter Olivia. Some time ago, Keti Topuria was suspected affair with rapper Body, but the stars themselves have denied this information.
Кети Топурия показала семейную идиллию после слухов об измене

Rumors that the family of the soloist of A’studio Katie Topuria not going smoothly, discuss for quite some time. Spouse of the singer, businessman Leo gaykhman, spends a lot of time in America where he has business. Charming Olivia sees his father from time to time. And most recently, the exaggerated speculation that Topuria allegedly had an affair with rapper Body.

Now she spends time in another country. The star went for vacations in Georgia. In the microblog Topuria regularly appear colorful pictures taken at the resort. Apparently, the celebrity having a good time abroad. The company the actress makes up for her loved ones – husband Leo, gaykhman and daughter Olivia. Recently Topuria posted in stories on Instagram the spouse and children. The touching scenes showing the family reunion, Kathy was accompanied by a smiley in the shape of a heart.

In the microblog Olivia, too, can find pictures from abroad. In the pictures, caused a storm of emotions among Internet users, gaykhman spends time with the baby. “Often,” “Daddy’s daughter”, “sweet dreams, Olivia.”, “How cute”, “Adorable” wrote in the comments of the post in Instagram heiress Topuria.

No less enthusiasm among the fans of Katie caused a frame in which she poses in a swimsuit. Followers of the actress found that she looks amazing. They wrote the star a lot of compliments. “Sultry beauty”, “What you are great”, “Cleopatra”, “Elegant”, “Super”, and discussed them.

Recall that the rumors about the relationship Keti Topuria and the Guf emerged after one of the issues was supposedly a joint photograph of the couple. The face of lovers in the pictures it was impossible to see, but bystanders claimed that the celebrity really vacationed together in Thailand. The reaction Gufa was not long in coming. “I don’t even know how to respond… I would maybe even again said nothing, as she had done this a million times before but this time had not only on me. We have a good rapport with Kathy, friends. But we are not so close to travel together to relax,” said the rapper.

Later in the interview, Yuri Dude Gough stressed that the scandal erupted after the publication of pictures from vacation only reinforced his friendly relations with the singer. “I don’t know who is there in the photographs,” said the man.