Keti Topuria showed striking similarity daughter with her husband

Кети Топурия продемонстрировала поразительное сходство дочки с мужем Fans of the soloist of group “A Studio” saw the girls face. Keti Topuria posted a photo in which she is depicted together with Olivia. Followers again noted that the baby grows very stylish.

      Кети Топурия продемонстрировала поразительное сходство дочки с мужем

      The soloist of popular group “A’studio Katie Topuria gave birth to daughter Olivia in June of last year. Despite the fact that the artist very often is sharing with fans photos of the baby, she did not show the girls face. But now the singer has decided to please its subscribers and published the picture, which is holding Olivia and kisses her on the cheek, and the baby looks directly at the camera.

      “Well, meet our Princess Olivia,” wrote the actress in the microblog.

      Кети Топурия продемонстрировала поразительное сходство дочки с мужем

      Thousands of fans were extremely happy that Topuria ceased to hide the girl’s face, and now they can draw a conclusion on who is the similar little Olivia. The photo immediately gathered thousands of likes and hundreds more comments.

      “Look like dad. And then we saw legs, ears saw, back saw. Well, now we see a little beauty! Health and happiness to her!”, “Dad’s portrait!”, “A very pretty daughter you have! May God grant good health to the baby!” – wrote the loyal fans of the artist.

      Followers have repeatedly noted that the girl have at birth is growing very stylish. This time baby was a leather jacket. It is possible that this is exactly the kind of leather jackets, which Topuria was created especially for Olivia. Singer produces a line of designer clothing that inspires her daughter.

      Keti Topuria experimenting with style daughter

      “I don’t consider myself a professional designer. Everything I do create is the impulse, the pleasure and the inspiration. The new collection will be called “KETIone for Olivia”. There was a time when I wanted to buy her daughter a small stylish leather biker jacket, but did not find anything suitable. And decided why don’t I do it the most. But at the same time to please fashionable mom, adding to the collection of adult models” – confessed celebrity.

      Keti Topuria and her husband Leo gaykhman not so long ago, pleased with the girl jewelry. When Olivia was eight months old, my parents decided to pierce little girl’s ears. The first earrings-nails are made of medical gold. Despite the fact that my parents loved in the beauty of the daughter, they do not intend to spoil her excessively.

      “I think I’m going to educate so: you – me, I – you. It is important with the child to agree. If you want a doll, then do something, for example, to learn the poem. The child should not be the impression that everything comes easy,” admitted Topuria.

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