Keti Topuria seduces new boyfriend for candid photos

Кети Топурия соблазняет нового бойфренда откровенными фотографиями
What happens in the personal life of the singer?

Keti Topuria

Photo: @keti_one_official (Instagram Katie Topuria)

Last week Katie Topuria confirmed long ago walked in secular circles the word: she confessed that she has long been separated from her husband Lev Gamanam. However, fans noticed that the singer is absolutely not sad because of the breakup with her husband. Moreover, it is possible that the artist already began a new novel. In any case, microblogging Katie began to appear frequently footage explicit content, which, as suggested by fans, are for a new boyfriend.

By the way, under the last frame where Topuria was captured Topless, the singer was prudently disabled comments. “Feel me,” asked the star via social media. Probably Katie while she didn’t want her personal life was again in the media spotlight. Assumptions about who can take the place of Gahman Network quite a bit. The most popular candidate for the mysterious boyfriend is repair Guf with which the singer attributed to the novel back in the winter of last year.

Recall that the differences in the family Topuria appeared as mom Katie, due to frequent travel of the spouse of the singer. The couple did not stand the test of distance. The husband of singer spent a lot of time in the States, as a soloist she lived with her daughter in the capital.