Keti Topuria rescues a disabled girl

Кети Топурия спасает тяжелобольную девочку The singer credits the treatment of the child. The woman turned to the stars of show business with a request for help. Only responded Keti Topuria, who donated more than a million rubles.

      Кети Топурия спасает тяжелобольную девочку

      Irina Masyuk from Vladivostok painfully familiar phrase: “nothing We can do to help you.” When her daughter Dasha was six months, the girl was diagnosed with cancer of the retina. Mother went to all the hospitals of his native city, but everywhere was refused…

      “Doctors in Vladivostok is endlessly repeated: “Go to the capital for eye removal” – says the “StarHit” Irina. – And on the Internet I read that in South Korea there is a medical centre – it can overcome disease. Went there with my daughter. Local ophthalmologists proposed a General chemotherapy. However, the bill put three and a half million rubles. Procedures she stood like a little soldier. Therapy after irradiation was continued for six months, had to exist this time in a foreign country. Then I realized that you need to ask for help. I work in pension Fund money to pay small. Also still am on maternity leave… I was approached many celebrities wrote personal messages on instagram, but to our misfortune only responded soloist A’studio Katie Topuria. The singer imbued with the history of the Dashi and during the year had sent funds for the treatment of girls.”
      Кети Топурия спасает тяжелобольную девочку

      “Katie, too, mom, – said Irina. – She understands how hard it is for me. The first time it added the missing 198 thousand rubles – for a couple of hours listed amount to us. Then it was already 240 thousand. Only singer we donated more than a million rubles. She was always in touch. Each course was contacted me and was interested by Darzinam health. Now the little girl will undergo a new phase of the surveys in America. For treatment it is necessary 12 million roubles. Dream girls – meet the soloist of group A’studio, to hug her and say thank you. Dasha every day mother asks: “And when we come to aunt Katie?”


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