Кети Топурия публично устроила Гуфу сцену ревности
Fans closely follow the development of the novel two stars.

Requiem 4 a dream ??

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Topuria and Guf, which are in the Metropolitan coterie considered the most professional
players in “hide and seek”, has finally ceased to hide their feelings. In mikroblogah
A’studio soloist and rapper often
began to appear photos of them together, and musicians no longer trying
to prove that they share only a professional relationship and friendship.

Katie in the caption to a new photo Gufa openly about the jealousy. In the picture
the artist is depicted sitting on a bench with the lady in pink. Topuria in a joking manner
wrote: “I’m jealous”. However, as they say, surrounded by couples, outside the Network,
in ordinary life, and Katie, and the Guf is absolutely not jealous.

their romance has long been shrouded in intrigue. Artists were not ready to advertise
their relationship, however, fans knew the feelings of the rapper to the singer.
The pair gradually lifts the veil of secrecy of personal life: the couple first became
to publish a joint photo, and then publicly
to show jealousy towards each other, and now the Guf is
speaks openly about his love for Katie.

Topuria published in the social network video
recorded recognition Gufa. In this rapper for the first time publicly spoke about
love: “I say I love you!” Fans of Katie and Guf
carefully observing the developments in novel pairs and hope that lovers
will be able to create a strong Alliance and maybe even get married.

Gough, way, well
along with daughter Katie Olivia. Topuria very often takes the girl with
you to meetings, concerts and fashion shows, as not wants with it
to leave. The rapper has a lot of experience with children, because he and most
has a teenage son from his first marriage, so he immediately found the approach to her daughter

Keti Topuria and Guf

Photo: Instagram