Кети Топурия учится нежности у дочери The singer told about the education and character of little Olivia, soon to be two years. Charming girl is extremely smart mark and grasps everything on the fly. In recognition of Kathy, the child does not resemble her in character.

Singer Keti Topuria is a happy mother of a charming Olivia, in June it will be two years. Recently, the celebrity has released a new collection of clothes KETIone and gave an interview in which he spoke about his relationship with his beloved heiress.

In recognition of Katie, little Olivia takes up most of her time, along with the work. The singer adores the charming child. Colleagues Topuria went to meet her and made the actress more comfortable schedule. To take heir with him on tour star does not want. The singer says that it’s very hard.

As for the character of Olivia, says her famous mother, that grows very quick-witted and sociable. The very same Katy in years, was quite shy. “Olivia now open, sociable, smart, a fast learner. Externally, it is, of course, more like dad, but, if you take my pictures at her age – too many similarities,” says the singer.

According to Katie, Olivia, she refuses everything that is wrong. So, the girl does not like sweet. Topuria also admitted that he relies on intuition in the child’s upbringing. The artist doesn’t read manuals and even has no plans. The singer’s great to get along with heiress and teach her something new. Moreover, Olivia and she gives lessons to beloved mother.

“It teaches me tenderness. I adjusted to it. I’m a bit rude, Tomboy like that. And with it I want to be more affectionate. So when I talk to Olivia, I have a completely different intonation and vocabulary,” – said the soloist of group A’studio.

Recall that Keti Topuria charming gave birth to Olivia in June 2015. The father of the child of a celebrity was a businessman Leo gaykhman, with whom the singer got married two years earlier. First pair of legalized relations in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow, and a few days later, gathered family and friends at a sumptuous celebration in the concert hall “Barvikha Luxury Village”. Then Topuria shone in a luxurious dress with draping at the waist, decorated with large sparkling stones. Among the guests of the evening was Valery, Joseph Prigozhin, Dmitry Malikov, Lera Kudryavtseva, Alsu, Eva Polna, Sergey Lazarev, Yulia Kovalchuk, Igor Gulyaev, Timur Batrutdinov and many other celebrities.

During a recent conversation with journalists Keti Topuria also spoke about how her life has changed after the appearance of the child. According to star, she and her husband always put at the forefront the interests of the daughter. “Now we have Olivia, and now around Olivia,” – shared the singer with the “mothers and Daughters”.