Кети Топурия снова влюблена

Кети Топурия снова влюблена

Russian 33-year-old singer Keti Topuria a few weeks ago, intrigued his fans, openly stating that to fall in love again. Today, the soloist of the group “A-Studio” on his page on Instagram published a tender picture of her kissing the nose of a young man. Who is this man learn further.

The photo and the girl signed succinctly: “I love you”. Journalists could quickly enough to define a man, he was a Russian businessman Lev Money. Yes, this time the man is engaged in settlement of relations with Libya. He has previously assisted the government to release the detained compatriots during the war in Libya.

To Katie the Lion had two marriages. First marriage fell apart in 2013, from which the man is the son of Leonid. The second wife became known to the Russian audience woman Irina Cancer. With her the Lion had a daughter who died at the age of 9 months after an unsuccessful vaccination. Irina gave an interview after the death of a child and told that the lion, knowing that the child will not survive, just turned and walked away. That their marriage is over.

However, the lion Money was not always involved in business. Previously, he was a soloist of the Belarusian group “Arbat”, and then he acted under his real name Paul Husband. The group is in the initial stages was quite popular, however, due to disagreements in the team lion left the scene, and after his departure, ceased to exist, and “Arbat”.

Today, October 2, Katie gave his first interview about his relationship with the businessman, but he was not loquacious: “Well, what are comments. I confirmed, Yes, information. I’m good, I’m in love and I believe very much in this relationship”.

Recall that Keti Topuriya was officially married to businessman Lev Gamanam 4 years, until this pair for another 4 years tested their relationship. They married when the singer was already pregnant with their first and only child. On light there was a girl named Olivia. Immediately after the divorce with her first husband, Katy entered into a relationship with rapper Body, but they did not last long, as the singer found out about the infidelity of his beloved. With her Body still very warm relationship even after breaking up they remained good friends. And the rapper, in turn, stated that Katey for him, the love of my life.

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