Keti Topuria has denied rumors of divorce

Кети Топурия опровергла слухи о разводе
Recently, the media reported that popular singer Keti Topuria can’t get along with her husband Lev Gehenom.

Кети Топурия опровергла слухи о разводе

Kathy has published in Instagram post, which tried to make it clear that she and her husband are not yet divorced. Recently my daughter Olivia celebrated her second birthday, and the singer congratulated the favorite heir birthday.

Кети Топурия опровергла слухи о разводе

“Exactly two years ago you changed my life… You made me a mother. You made me happy. You are my love. Livy, thank you for choosing me… our family!” — written by Katie, thus giving to understand that the conflict, even if it was at the moment exhausted.

I hope that the couple will be able to establish a relationship and be happy with each other.

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