Кети Топурия ходит в гости к бывшему мужу The singer continues to chat with Lev Gehenom. According to the artist, they have a great relationship after the divorce. A man takes an active part in the education of her daughter Olivia. Herself Keti Topuriya not avoiding meetings with him.

The soloist A’studio Katie Topuria broke up with her husband Lev Gehenom last year. According to some reports, the pair did not live long together, but hidden family problems. But then on the page in social network Topuria honestly said that they broke up. “I love you very much, although we are no longer together, but we’re family, we’re friends and that’s forever,” – wrote the singer. Despite the divorce, the actress and the businessman to maintain good relations, because they have a daughter.

“We Levchik a great relationship. We continue to work together to raise a daughter Olivia. We try to walk her alone. Together take all decisions which kindergarten to go, what to do, how to develop it. We meet. Go to each other’s homes,” said Katie.

According to Topuria, she worries sometimes whether or selects the correct methods of educating daughters. “I think every child for its parent the most beautiful, most good, and when you want him to say it, you say. Me, for example, that confidence in childhood directly hammered, and it worked,” said star.

Lately more and more often there are conversations about the relationship of Cathy and rapper Guf. They spent the holidays in Thailand, Villa musician. Topuria says about the true feelings of Alexei Dolmatovo, but recognized why they sometimes share joint photos on Instagram.

“Of course, when we put something in the net, we understand that there will be resonance. We cheer all the gossip. We play. We provoke. But anyway, before I got married, I about my personal life and never spoke much. Some just novels to me then was not attributed – with friends, with men who are not interested in women. Now I broke up with her husband again and not comment on his personal life,” said Katie.

According to celebrity, she admits that in her life there is love. “It’s impossible for me to live without friends. If I only loved one, I will be unhappy. And if I only loved one, I will be unhappy. And if I’m only with friends, no love… no idea. Thank God I don’t have to choose. In my life now, actually,” said Topuria in an interview with “OK!”.