Keti Topuria dramatically changed the image

Кети Топурия кардинально изменила имидж
The singer decided to experiment after a divorce.

Photo: Instagram

The soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria is famous for its extravagant Widom. Her concert costumes are always something of space, they would have envied Zhanna Aguzarova. But what has always been true Katie after youthful experiments is the hair. Katie wore medium length hair to the shoulder blades. They are easy to maintain and can do any hairstyle.

But when a woman wants to change her life, first she changes her hairstyle — it’s the easiest thing to do. And Topuria fulfilled his lifelong dream: she has increased hair. Two days ago the singer published a video in which she dances in a plane with normal hair. And now her hair streamed below the fifth point!

However, Katie was not enough. And she decided to paint the eyebrows in red. Such a bold decision like not all of her fans. Many of the comments asked Topuria will not do anything like that. But almost all agreed that Katie so it is easier to decide on major changes in your life.

Recently the singer announced that she divorced her husband Lev Gamanam, which two years ago she gave birth to daughter Olivia. Despite the fact that, according to the star, they parted as friends is a great stress for her. The reason for the divorce, as told to mom Kathy, began making frequent trips to the spouse of the singer. The couple did not stand the test of distance. The husband of singer spent a lot of time in the States, as a soloist she lived with her daughter in the capital.


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