Keti Topuria disrupted the performance of Stas Piekha

Кети Топурия сорвала выступление Стаса Пьехи
The singer told about the strange draw of his colleagues.

Keti Topuria

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The soloist “A Studio” Keti Topuria not imagine life without fun. The singer has a passion not only for noisy parties, but also to draw. Katie loves to play tricks on colleagues in the group, and also over close artist friends. In one such case Topuria once disrupted the performance of Stas Piekha.

In the program “Evening Urgant” Katie recalled how during a joint tour mocked the grandson of the legend of Soviet music. In that moment, when Bruno Mars took the stage to read a poem of his own authorship, Topuria, unexpectedly had thrown her underwear. “I collected my panties and bras and in that moment, when he was reading serious verse, the “chunk” them to him right in the face!” laughing Kathy said. This strange behavior of the singer discouraged Peha.

Among his most successful drawings Katie said cemented transparent tape piano keys, pour the flour on a drum kit and grated garlic a microphone, a backing vocalist. In General, to miss the collective group “A Studio” with Topuriya is not exactly necessary.

By the way, Katie admitted that he still does not understand what she was able to win 13 years ago Baigali Serkebayev, Vladimir Mikloshich seeking soloist for your group. This year the band is celebrating its 30th anniversary, on the occasion which was organized tour with a great show.