Кети Топурия рассекретила мужчину, из-за которого развелась с мужем
The singer finally revealed the intrigue.

Keti Topuria and Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) no longer hide from fans, what rest in Thailand together. The other day the singer posted another selfie from vacation, signed it very intriguing: “Puzzle”. Fans immediately appreciated the original idea of the soloist and A Studio. “Why is the puzzle?”— speculated on the fans. Everything fell into place when the Guf has updated his blog.

The rapper posted photos with a similar landscape in the background (another part of the puzzle). Combining two shots, the fans got the first joint selfie of the pair, who became the confirmation of their romance. And for those who still have doubts that Katie is the new girl Alexis, he wrote in comments: “love is in the air!»

Such an original way Topuria and Gough chose for the announcement of the novel. Very touching and romantic, is not it? However, for the most loyal subscribers coming out of a pair. They have long guessed that Katie and Alex share much more than just friendship as they both argued last winter. Then they noticed for the first time on a joint vacation. Soon after Katie divorced with Lev Gamanam, the father of daughter Olivia. And now, the rights of free girl can afford not to hide feelings for Gufw.

It is worth noting that Cathy’s comment about his personal life refuses. Only once in an interview Ru.tv she commented on his divorce. “Everything that concerns my personal life, I do not comment ever. Even when my ex-husband came to this decision, I still haven’t talked about it. But at some point, so many questions arose that I realized — it is better to make a comment, to avoid all this gossip. I do not wish to develop this theme. God forbid then someone someone someone will see and think: “How is it that she’s married!”My husband and we have a very good relationship now, but life happens… We also have Olivia. In short, all is well!”shared Katie.