Кети Топурия обнажила грудь The singer posted on Instagram a provocative photo Topless. Keti Topuria posing in front of the camera, covering intimate parts of the body. Fans praised the figure of the artist and left many positive reviews.
Кети Топурия обнажила грудь

Keti Topuria often spoils fans of candid shots. This time the artist has published online a black-and-white photo, which covers bare Breasts with his hands.

Fans of the singer have reacted to the bold frame. Many left positive comments under the picture.

Кети Топурия обнажила грудь

“Katie, babe”, “Perfect”, “Cool”, “Very nice”, “Queen”, “Kathy, darling. I love you!”, noted fans of the singer.

We will remind, three years ago, the soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria first became a mother. She gave birth to a lovely daughter Olivia. In addition to singing career, the actress is seriously engaged in clothes release under own brand. Star mother instills her love of fashion with the wounded age. Keti Topuria repeatedly presents fashion collections for social events.

Many fans admire the looks and style of a young mother. Katie however, this was not always the case. Vigilant netizens found on the Internet photos of the singer early in his career. Many fans immediately didn’t recognize their idol. The wife of rapper Busta Elena Pinsky-Vakulenko commented on the picture, which Katie captured in one of the fashionable Metropolitan parties of the past.

“Well, his cheeks were! Well, the extra 10 lbs. is Very talented. Her all is forgiven”, he “Looked older,” “And then the men in horror, why children are born awful, like, beautiful, converted, married, took, She, by the way, are altered, the figure is also great!” – said users of the Network.