Keti Topuria announced the breakup with her husband

Кети Топурия объявила о расставании с мужем

The soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria prefers to remain silent on account of his personal life, but due to the large number of questions I decided to make a confession.

Кети Топурия объявила о расставании с мужем

“I never comment on personal life. Even when my ex-husband came to this decision, I still haven’t talked about it. But at some point there was so many questions that I realized it is better to do some review to avoid gossip. As for the interview on this subject, I would not want to develop it. God forbid, then someone saw something and think, “What, she married?” – admitted Topuria.

In early September, the actress announced that broke up with her husband businessman Lev Gamanam. The former couple decided to remain friends and vets to raise a daughter Olivia. The singer announced that he was continuing to communicate with her ex-husband. “We have a very good relationship. We have Olivia, the sweetest girl. So, in short, everything is fine,” added the star in the program “Table of orders” channel RU.TV.

Кети Топурия объявила о расставании с мужем

The band A’studio admitted that he had heard the news one of the first. “We’re like a family”, recognized colleagues Topuria.

This is not surprising, because the team will soon celebrate a Grand celebration in honor of the 30th anniversary on stage. For this reason, they decided to arrange a big show in Moscow, which will take place in early November. Details about the upcoming show star does not apply, because I want to make a surprise to his fans.

In the life of the singer has occurred many occasions, and one of them she remembered in conversation with Alena Vodonaevoy. The soloist of the band at one time chased a fan who managed to even drive her to different cities. “I had a fan who came out with me. In fact, it’s scary, because you go, and he’s standing next to you is just two meters away. And it was in different cities… But it has not made itself known. I learned about it randomly. For some time I walked with security,” recalled the singer.