Keti Topuria and Guf ceased to hide feelings in public

Кети Топурия и Гуф перестали скрывать чувства на публике
The rapper posted a microblog hot photo with A’studio soloist.

Кети Топурия и Гуф перестали скрывать чувства на публике

Guf Keti Topuria

Photo: @therealguf Instagram

Keti Topuria

Photo: @keti_one_official Instagram

Keti Topuria and PFM about a year to deny your affair. At the same time the singer and rapper from case to case fuels public interest in this topic. Recently the pair has prompted many users of social networks to talk about their relationship. In mikrobloge were shown a rather intimate moment between alleged “just friends”.

Guf showed a photo, which sensuously embraces Katie. However, he posed for the photographer, holding on with one hand and place just below the back Topuria. “Well, finally, a great pair!”, “Gufa is a chance! Maybe Katie will help him to overcome the rejection of illegal drugs”, “Topuria, of course, gorgeous. Super”, “that’s a turnoff. Very beautiful couple,” write the fans Gufa.

And if fans Gufa are happy for their idol, and wish him happiness with Katie, the fans Topuria was very worried about his idol… the fact that in the biography Gufa have been episodes associated with use of narcotic substances. He confirmed that previously suffered from addiction, but then was able to overcome the crisis. Fans are outraged at the Network that she didn’t choose the best candidate boyfriend. They refer to the fact that Katie, raising a two year-old daughter Olivia needs a careful approach to the selection of the men in their lives. Many criticize Topuria because she went from businessman Leo Gahman to the artist with a “tainted reputation”.