Кеша судится за права на свою музыку

American singer Kesha has left behind accusations of violence. Now her primary task is to keep the rights to their own music. After a Los Angeles court has terminated the contract of the singer with producer Dr. Luke, the actress refused the part of their charges, particularly relating to sexual and physical violence, but she continued to fight for the rights to their music.

Recall that after recovering from anorexia and bulimia in a specialized clinic, Kesha decided to go in solo sailing and has filed a lawsuit against its producer. Singer argues that the reason for its poor condition and problems of eating disorders – in a permanent violence that she was subjected to by the producer. He allegedly humiliated her, beaten and even raped, and because the contract which it signed ten years ago, is expected six albums, this meant that in such onerous conditions she will have to spend almost half of my life.
Yesterday it became known that Kesha withdrew the claim about sexual abuse, because he wants to focus on the music. Meanwhile, in a new York court against the producer saved and will be considered, but with other requirements.
“The cache has withdrawn a lawsuit in California, but left the suit in new York court, in which we ask to leave the rights to the already recorded music for it. Now she wants to return to active work, because the label requires it 28 new songs. It should promptly release a single and solo album,” — said the lawyer of the actress.
Recall that the last track Kesha released four years ago, when she was just starting to sort things out with the record company. She is now working with the same label, but the court gave her the right to choose their own a producer. The Doctor Luke after allegations that unsubstantiated accusations Keshi spoil his reputation and the lives of his loved ones, doesn’t comment on prevailing with the singer situation.

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