Керро и Шепс показали страстные поцелуи на финале «Битвы экстрасенсов» Yesterday in the center of Moscow at Novaya Basmannaya street, took place the shooting of the final “Battle of psychics.” Fans who were present at this solemn moment, already discussing the names of the winners, but the audience will see all the details of the ceremony in the last air the 17th season of the project on TNT on December 24.

      On the eve of the shooting of the final “battle of psychics”, which is traditionally held in the Gothic hall of the house in Novaya Basmannaya street. As it became known “StarHit”, Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro has already received his main prize. The ceremony came bliskiej her man, Alexander Sheps. His appearance was a complete surprise to all, because in the beginning of the season Marilyn Kerro announced that they live separately.

      Alexander Sheps surrounded us with care Marilyn Kerro

      But the MAG apparently had their own plans. The whole evening he never left her, showing all his warm feelings for the finalist of the 17th season. And at the very end and even asked the crowd of joyous fans pair louder chanting: “Kiss!”, clearly alluding to the proposal of marriage. Marilyn Kerro responded to the Sheps with a passionate kiss.

      Fans of the couple who were present at this event, and netizens who saw the video on Instagram started to congratulate the young people and give them words of encouragement. Many expressed the hope that the courageous decision of Alexander Sheps to come to the set should cause Mary to reconsider their plans for the future. Some subscribers witch wrote that she was very lucky with the choice. They believe that love is the main prize for all the hardships.

      “Mary, you make a beautiful couple, I’m very happy for you!”, “I worry for you more than for himself. I’m more worried about, together or not, but not winning the project. Because the program will end and love will remain”, “What you are awesome! Your kiss hidden all the sensuality of a relationship”, “You are a very strong psychics and harmoniously together,” comments the enthusiastic fans of psychics.

      But does kiss of two ex-lovers that will soon be a wedding psychics? We learn from the final edition of the show 24 December at 20: 00 on TNT!