Kenneth Branagh liked to play Hercule Poirot

Кеннету Брана понравилось играть Эркюля Пуаро
The Director will shoot another film based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

Kenneth Branagh in the film “Murder on the Orient Express”

Photo: Outnow

56-year-old Kenneth Branagh longs again
Parker’s famous detective, Hercule Poirot. Branagh, who directed the film
“Murder on the Orient Express”, released recently on the domestic screens
cinema, and played a major role in it, was so pleased with their experience
I decided to film another Christie — “death on the Nile”.

“This is a splendid book: one more story about how Pauro in vain
trying to relax on vacation, but instead is embroiled in a new
investigation. And I really wanted to do this movie and again to play Poirot.” —
said bran.

Based on the novel “death on the Nile” is not just movies. The most famous full-screen option is a 1978 film where the famous
the detective was played by Peter Ustinov, and in other roles he flashed MIA Farrow and Angela
Lansbury. A format of TV — in
Poirot is brilliant, according to many critics, reincarnated David Suchet.

So bran when he took the role of Hercule
the first time was very nervous, afraid not withstand comparison with the previous
the performers of this role. But everything seems to have passed quite well. In any
case, charges of “Murder on the Orient Express” makes a very good. Already
the first weekend the film has collected in world hire of $ 85 million, with a budget of
in 55 million.

As admitted Kenneth, get in the way, he
helped … the famous mustache Poirot. First, Branagh, according to the actor, diligent
tried to grow the pride of the famous detective on their own, but not
achieved quite impressive results. In the end, he helped make-up artist: it
added mustache Kenneth additional plates. And as soon as bran saw himself
in full makeup, he suddenly felt that transformation took place.