Кендалл Дженнер изменяет парню?

Model Kendall Jenner has never been known for extreme honesty, unlike her sisters. But it seems Kendall has decided to reconsider their views on life and is now very often lights up in the media. This time the paparazzi think that caught a star in the affair, saw it in the company of another male at a party.

24 Aug girlfriend Kendall singer Justine Skye’s birthday, which invited a girlfriend model. However, Jenner decided to come without her boyfriend, perhaps in order to enjoy the company of other men. In a network there were photos from the party Kendall got down on his knees to the man, and then Milo was whispering something in his ear. Perhaps this is just a friendly pastime with your friend Daniel Certicom, but media doubt, because to identify the individual, just not yet. So where did the boyfriend Kendall Ben Simmons?

And haven’t even exhausted the scandal in the fashion world, where Kendall is now is not welcome. The famous member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner has recently become the center of a scandal due to interviews for the anniversary issue of LOVE magazine. She appeared in a revealing photo shoot, she gave an interview in which has told about peculiarities of their work. Kendall said that carefully selects which brand to present and criticized the other models. In response to the girl showered a flurry of indignation, that she had to apologize.

Press agent Kendall said that words were taken out of context, which was misunderstood. Subsequently, the model itself is in the Twitter apologized to his colleagues. “These girls are doing everything possible to build a career and earn money to feed the family! And, by the way, for the season we are working on 70’s show and proud of each of them! My words from a recent interview misunderstood. It was supposed to be a compliment, but it was mutilated and taken out of context. I want to clarify the situation. The respect that I have for my colleagues — immensely!”

Model wrote that perfectly understands the hardships faced every day models in attempts to earn more and feed their families. “I first hand learned what a permanent commitment, work ethic, endlessly long days and sleepless nights, separation from family and friends, the stress of constant moving and loss of physical and mental health. I am inspired by all of the people with whom I was fortunate to work together! I could never hate them! I wish you only victories!”, – said the model.