Kendall Jenner loves to bare Breasts

Кендалл Дженнер любит оголять грудь

Kendall Jenner in a new video interview edition of W magazine told about your spicy preferences, in particular that she likes it when her Breasts out of the neckline while walking the runway at all and she likes to expose her in public.

Кендалл Дженнер любит оголять грудь
At the start of her modeling career Kendall, then still an active participant of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” took part in the casting for the show Mark Jaksa. The girl, from the cradle dreamed of working models, did not hesitate for a second when she was offered a very skimpy outfit with too deep neckline.

“My biggest fear was falling, and not a demonstration of his chest. I don’t know why I’m not worried about bare Breasts. Maybe I’m weird, but I love her show and I like it when she viskositet during the show.. When I’m older, I’ll look at photos and think I looked beautiful,” said Kendall, laughing.
The question is not whether she dreams about an acting career, Jenner replied: “I Have such plans for the future, but not now. At the moment I am very busy. Maybe later.”