Kendall Jenner has doubts in the fatherhood of Bruce-Jenner kaitlyn

Кендалл Дженнер сомневается в отцовстве Брюса-Кейтлин Дженнера

In the TV family the Kardashian-Jenner questions about paternity arise not only from Chloe, whose real father is considered a family friend OJ Simpson, whom she resembles more than his father Rob Kardashian. Now questioned the paternity of Bruce Jenner (now he calls himself Kate) and Kendall Jenner. Insiders report that she is ready to do the paternity test.

“Kendall has long suspects that Bruce is not her real father. She’s afraid that her entire life would be a lie” — said a source close to Kendall. Model suspects that her real father may be her mother’s lover Chris Todd Waterman, for a long time hinted to journalists.
Comparison of the appearance of Kendall and Todd only added fuel to the fire – they have more similarities than she has with Bruce Jenner. Affair with Waterman became the cause of the divorce Kris and Robert Kardashian, however, the long relations they have failed, and soon the woman began to meet with Bruce. However, that didn’t stop Chris to sleep with a former lover, than he himself admitted in his memoirs in 2012.
But back to Kendall. Sex-change Bruce, the Gulf between them has only intensified, as did doubts about the paternity. Now she wants to do a DNA test just to be sure.

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