Kendall Jenner has commented on the deletion of your profile in Instagram

Кендалл Дженнер прокомментировала удаление своего профиля в Instagram

Last week, model Kendall Jenner shocked her fans with the decision to delete your account on the social network Instagram. On the page of the girl was signed by more than 70 million people who were shocked by the act of celebrity and began to wonder what was the cause of so many radical decisions. Someone put forward the version about the harassment and blackmail, someone decided that the model page has been hijacked, someone thought that this was a planned campaign to attract even more attention.

To put an end to such conversations that the 21-year-old model. Younger sister Kim Kardashian came on the show Ellen DeGeneres, where he commented on his action. In an interview with Ellen model said he believes the full madness of what it became one of the main news along with the election of a new President of the United States.

“The world is talking about the fact that I deleted my account, like some kind of sensation an interplanetary scale. I have no idea how this could turn out to be such a problem. I just wanted to remove the page and did not expect such a reaction. I also removed from your phone the app “Twitter”, although the profile is still to eliminate did not — only mobile app. My friends and family bombarded me with messages that discuss it even on CNN! I was in shock. The world has gone mad! I needed detox. I woke up this morning first thing and into “Instagram”, bedtime is the same,” said Kendall.