Kendall Jenner criticized for advertising Pepsi-style protests

Кендалл Дженнер раскритиковали за рекламу Pepsi в стиле акций протеста

Last year advertising the Selena Gomez with a tonic drink Pepsi attracted a record number of “likes”, becoming the most popular photo in Instagram. Now apparently, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner was inspired to gain even greater popularity thanks to Pepsi and appeared in advertising of this drink.

In the promotional video shows how 21-year-old model involved in the photo shoot, but her attention distracts a group of protesters. In the story, Kendall decides to join the activists, after which she finds herself face to face with a COP and offers him a jar of Pepsi.

Certainly, neither the Kendall nor the author of the video didn’t think of them at first glance is harmless, so will be negatively perceived by society.

The model and the soda company was accused of using the Black Lives Matter movement for the sake of sales. But representatives of Pepsi claim that it is not. The idea of advertising had to be different — to show how people of different lifestyles together “in a spirit of harmony”. Kendall from the review has so far refrained, however, has posted on his page a couple of videos from backstage that after a couple of hours removed.