Kelly Osbourne pissed because Starbucks

Келли Осборн описалась из-за Starbucks

Kelly Osbourne very offended by the coffee chain Starbucks. The girl had embarrass, and, according to her own words, pee in her own pants, because the award-winning network wouldn’t let her go to the toilet during New York City Pride Parade – marches in support of the LGBT community.

32-year-old Kelly has left an angry post on his page on the social network Twitter.
“Shame on you, Starbucks. Had to pee in your pants because your shy employees denied me going to the toilet. I had to write on my shoes” wrote Kelly.
In Starbucks quickly reacted to the situation, and asked Osborne to find any motives for the actions of their employees. As it turned out, the place where Kelly was so embarrassed, and in fact there is no toilet.
“We want to clarify the situation with Ms. Osborne. In this store there is no toilet, and we encourage visitors to go to the next store, located in the neighboring house. We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and hope that miss Osbourne will return to us very soon,” — said in a statement Starbucks.