Kelly Clarkson has admitted that beats children

Келли Кларксон призналась, что бьет детей

In a recent interview, the 35-year-old singer Kelly Clarkson told about his methods of parenting. She admitted that applies to assault, but not hard spanking, but a simple light spanking.

Clarkson with her husband Brandon Blackstock has two children, a three year old daughter river and year-old son Remington, and Blackstone children from a previous marriage, 16-year-old Savannah and 11-year-old Seth. Such methods of upbringing she got from parents who used them for the education of Kelly. “Don’t mean a hard spanking, but a spanking. Parents punished me this way, and in the end I coped with life, feel great… I warn river that will spank her if she doesn’t stop right now,” says the singer.

Kelly added that people in public places a hand on them raises, because not everyone agrees with these methods education. Recall that in 2016, the singer admitted that he underwent surgery for tubal ligation, but her husband a vasectomy in order to have children.

“During the second pregnancy, I decided that with me it won’t happen again: I felt very bad, suffered from preeclampsia. In the first and second pregnancy I was hospitalized. However, the opportunity to become a mother was sent to me for good, and I will remember each day the lives of their children. Yeah, I wanted to give river rose a sister or brother close to her in age and interests. So, again, I decided on the birth of a child. However, the bearing of the Remington was even more difficult than waiting for the birth of the river.” said the artist.

The singer admitted that he does not want his children artistic career. “I don’t want the river rose became a singer. If she chooses this path, then I will just have to agree. But until that happens, I will insist, for example, the profession of a teacher or doctor,” says Kelly.

“Daughter is growing up in good conditions that will not allow her to build up a thick skin. And without it she would not be able to survive in this field. I was brought up in a different environment that made my skin harden. For example, during pregnancy read on the social network a comment about a person who wished my child to hang by the cord. In response, I laughed,” the artist explains.

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