Kelly Clarkson doesn’t want children

Келли Кларксон больше не хочет детей

Dreamed of a large family singer Kelly Clarkson gave up his ideas, giving birth to a second child. Now the singer, full-bodied, firming through yoga. In addition to grueling workouts and singing, Kelly is engaged in his main work – education and childcare. Frantic pace of life have wearied Clarkson, so in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the singer said: more children, she is not going.

“And so we have four children. Thus we have a fifteen-year-old daughter, nine year old son, two year old daughter and five-month-old baby. There are days when I literally cry with fatigue. No more I don’t want kids, unless someone dies and wills me their children’s upbringing,” said Kelly. In addition, she reminded Ellen and that her pregnancy was not the best way, and this is another reason why Clarkson is engaged with children.