Keith urban told how he had hospitable hosts for the crazy

Кит Урбан рассказал, как принял гостеприимных хозяев за сумасшедших
Husband Nicole Kidman told a curious story.

Кит Урбан рассказал, как принял гостеприимных хозяев за сумасшедших

Keith Urban


Born in Australia, Keith urban, which this year
celebrated his 50th birthday, admitted that some
American customs seemed at first quite wild, to say the

Husband Nicole Kidman shared the story of how the once friends
the first time I invited him for dinner on Thanksgiving, and he decided that
his owners crazy. “It happened 25 years ago. I remember me
called for a family dinner in the house of my new friends. And when I saw the dinner
table, I’d think that with the owners that something is seriously wrong. I haven’t
seen so much food at once. It looked like complete madness! And then, when
it came to dessert, things got worse: the room was solemnly brought 12
types of desserts!!! Recovering from the shock, asked: “why so many?” “Well, every woman — and aunts and grandmothers and
cousin brought each your dessert!” — I heard in response. And when asked
why on the table are Apple pie, I heard: “They did a different hostess. And
they all now look at you. So you’ll have to try each!”

However, as recognized by the urban survived, not without difficulty, your
the first dinner on the occasion of Thanksgiving, he fell in love with this holiday. And
now he loves to collect on this day at his table of friends and family. So
this year Keith celebrated together with her daughters faith Margaret and Sunday rose, as well as with his wife Nicole Kidman, who is also,
incidentally, the Australian. Moreover, this year the singer invited me to
feast your mother who lives on the continent of kangaroos.

Keith urban and Nicole Kidman with kids