Keith urban save his marriage with Nicole Kidman

Кит Урбан спасает свой брак с  Николь Кидман
The singer is trying to appease his wife gorgeous gift.

Кит Урбан спасает свой брак с  Николь Кидман

Keith urban and Nicole Kidman


Keith urban happy wife
an unexpected surprise: he bought a luxurious mansion for her in new York. Kit
has not regretted this as much as 39 million
dollars, laying them behind the building is an old farmhouse on
Manhattan. The house that once belonged to Michael Jackson, as many as six floors.
The building, built in 1898, the year, sufficient roomy for a family of the actress — in
it is 16 rooms with a total area of about 1200 square meters. The mansion can
boasts 10 fireplaces, a patio, a terrace
on the roof…

They say Nicole Kidman this house
loved it. After all, she really needs housing in new York city. And it’s not
only that house in Nashville, where the actress with children spends most of the year,
began to seem too small. Her interest in real estate in new York is associated with
she wants to move here, at least for a long time, if not permanently. On
there are several reasons. First, children
Faith Margaret and sandy rose have grown and
says Nicole, here they will be able to get more
high-quality education. Besides, Nicole, last year with a large
successfully played in the play, set in London, wants to continue his
experience on Broadway. In addition, according that Kidman is currently negotiating to
participation in the TV show, which also will be shot in new York.

As for Urbana,
it’s unclear how much time he will spend here. Because the whale spends
most of the time traveling to give concerts. Nicole sees him not too
often. And, every time he
goes to traveling across America, he is accompanied by rumors about the next
the affair with the fans, then
colleagues… So Kidman has to exercise incredible patience to
to tolerate his behavior. However, because Nicole is striving to save your marriage,
she is yet to forgive his “sins”. And Keith hopes that his generous gift — a house
which he bought for his wife, too, may contribute to the maintenance of peace with

Photo: modlin_group/Instagram