Keith urban is trying to save his marriage with Nicole Kidman

Кит Урбан пытается спасти свой брак с Николь Кидман
The singer hopes to get back on the wife.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


As it became known reporter for the newspaper The Globe, a 49-year old husband of Nicole Kidman came up with an interesting
the way to win back his his wife, in relations with which
the last couple of years there has been a marked cooling. Trying to save your marriage
Keith urban decided to make her a gift that she just can not move.
He had prepared as a present, on the occasion of the upcoming anniversary Nicole, which
June marks 50 years, not diamonds or any expensive jewelry,
and … the relatively modest house on the island Oahu. That is modest, of course
the point of view of Keith and Nicole with a multimillion-dollar fortune.

this house is the fact that here was born Kidman. And this place as well
know urban, for her more than any luxurious mansion, because it is associated
the most valuable to Nicole memories concerning her beloved father Anthony
Kidman, who passed away three years ago… Kidman, which, by the way, when
birth parents called not Nicole, and Hokulani (which means
Hawaiian, like “heavenly star”) was born in Honolulu and spent
the first few years of his life, and then moved with parents to Australia…

As for the relationship with Nicole, which
hopes to resolve the urban, the latter
time they have become particularly strained. The couple rarely together
appear in public, but even when they step on the red carpet together, as
it was, for example, a few weeks ago at the ceremony of Country Music Awards, they hold each
the other cold and aloof. They say that the contradictions between Kidman and her husband,
which previously have been associated with him don Juan “exploits”, now escalated
because of Nicole.

Looks like Kidman is tired of enduring the infidelity of her husband, and she decided that, too
has the right to “relax”. Anyway, even though Keith was opposed to it
participation in the new series “big Little lies”, the scenario of which
provided violent sex scenes, Nicole does not think to refuse. Worse
the fact that she allowed herself, in the end, comment on their work
so that the whale, which can boast neither high growth nor
powerful muscles, felt humiliated. “I am very glad that my partner
was Alexander Skarsgard. I just begged producers, so they took it
it, I wanted it so much! In addition, he’s tall… He is all the time
physically dominated, and it was perfect because it was about the love scenes…”
she said