Кира Найтли теперь будет работать с дублером

Кира Найтли теперь будет работать с дублером

Popular American actress keira Knightley recently became a mother for the second time. In a recent interview she told what changes are waiting for her career and how she juggles work with motherhood. According to the actress it became clear that she refused to pose Nude, now if the film will be such a scene, it will be replaced by understudy.

Cyrus admitted that she has always worked with the understudy, which has a crazy beautiful body, so now, even in Nude scenes, it will replace the actress. Knightley not shy about his body, just after the second delivery she felt that it would be inappropriate. “Sweet woman” — the so-called celebrity his understudy, very glad and happy to play some scenes for the star. Previously, the actress has always posed naked herself and feel relaxed and comfortable now, so she does not feel. Not because her body no longer looks perfect, she is completely happy with his reflection in the mirror, but because being naked in front of many men, and then to look at it from the side, not a woman with two children. Kira is happy now that this duty can be pass on to someone else.

Also, the actress shared how she manages to combine motherhood and career. It turns out that while it very hard, because the child is very young, and to abandon breastfeeding in the plans it is not worth it. So while it works for only 6 hours a day with short breaks.

Kira said in between she is always expressing milk and freezing it. Therefore, after the working day it can feel at ease to return to his daughter Delaine, knowing that if milk is not enough, then she is always able to get it out of the fridge.

Knightley admitted that he does not want to follow, at the moment it is hard given. She buys clothes and does not choose in advance what you’ll wear to the event. She has a personal stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, if the actress where it is necessary, the support team is always there. They quickly gather, and the woman without problems published.

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