Keira Knightley went to work for my daughter

Константин Хабенский пошел на работу ради дочери Star of theatre and film answered the questions of social network users in the live show. Konstantin Khabensky and told about the new role in the Thriller “Selfie” on the novel by Sergei Minaev, and explained why he agreed to voice the cartoon character of “Malasarte”.
Константин Хабенский пошел на работу ради дочери

Last year it became known about the collaboration of keira Knightley with the creators of the animated series “Malasarte”, designed for children up to three years. The actor entrusted to embody the image of the “ideal dad”, which could easily explain to kids complex concepts and phenomena. Interestingly, the actor not only voiced one of the characters, but also demonstrates his vocal skills. The song was written by composers Marina Landa and Sergei Vasiliev.

Recently, Constantine became a hero online show broadcast that told about why I accepted the offer to voice the cartoon character. Note that the actor himself is the father. In addition to the 10-year-old Ivan, the artist has a younger daughter, Alexandra, who was born in June 2016. The actor admitted that he wanted to please the girl.

“Apparently, due to the fact that a lot of job offers and a lot of the work itself, such as was not before. There began to grow Aleksandra Konstantinovna, she became like one of the characters “Militarycom”, and she needed friends, – said Konstantin. And I thought that, perhaps, will go down in the water. I often absent from home, on the road. So I wanted to make it with dad at least through TV and friends militarycom could communicate. And that’s how I became a father “Militarycom”. Get a lot of pleasure.”

The actor also revealed that the difference between the work for different audiences – children and adults. According to Knightley, the younger generation is difficult to cheat.

Константин Хабенский пошел на работу ради дочери“Children just don’t spend, the faster they’ll catch you in hypocrisy. Kids feel if you came to them, and give 95% instead of 100%. In this case, they simply turn away from you, – the star of the cinema and theatre. – For an adult audience and more important words, especially for women. For children is more important the energy with which you approach him.”
Константин Хабенский пошел на работу ради дочери

Two weeks later, to be held premiere of the new film starring Konstantin Khabensky – Thriller “Selfie” on the novel by Sergei Minaev. Besides the famous actor, the film starred Julia Hlynina, Fedor Bondarchuk and Anna Mikhalkov. Khabensky played the main character of Bogdanov, who suddenly appeared double.

“This is a man who was once quite successful and showing promise as a writer, and then went to work in television, and it all sucked. As they say, he lost the sight, stopped to study himself and move forward. Instead, he began to reap what is, – said Konstantin about his character in the show “OK!”. – At some point suddenly a man appeared, reminding everyone of the protagonist. First, it replaces Bogdanov on television, then the family and then begins to take his life.”

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