Константин Хабенский рассказал о раздвоении личности
The actor shared his impressions from working in an unfamiliar project.

Konstantin Khabensky

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In Moscow finished shooting the film “Selfie,” where
starring Konstantin Khabensky. After sounded the final “motor”,
the actor admitted that he considers this role one of the most unusual in his life.

“The role of Bogdanov in the film “Selfie” is interesting for me
task, — said the actor Konstantin Khabensky. Since
it’s two people in one. It’s a little crazy, but more fun. Bogdanov
and he does not understand — he had a double or is it schizophrenia?
It is not clear which of these characters is good and who is bad. Rather, they both
bad, both confused and trying to get out of your own web. But
them different starting points and different ways of solving problems.

When Sergey Minaev gave me your book to read, I
wasn’t expecting anything special, and received a powerful psychological Thriller, based
which is a deep crisis of a creative person. Bogdanov pretends that tired
to be a star, but he really tired himself. It supports your
the image of a celebrity, but realizes that long ago wiped out, drowned in the samopovtory and he
yourself published.

And this DoppelgangeR, who takes away from Bogdanov’s work
fame, a wife, a mistress, a daughter, in actual fact helps him finally
sober up and look at myself. Selfie — it’s a way to show
others improved version of yourself. But then you go to the mirror and see
. “Selfie”, I hope, will be a film about that meeting with yourself
a can be very unpleasant, but it is absolutely necessary”

Script writer Sergey Minaev stressed that the film
— not about how everything around taking selfies.

“Although in some philosophical sense, about it, too, —
he says. — “Selfie” is a reflection. And our story about how people
struggling with my own reflection with itself. This is for many a familiar
situation. We all go through difficult life phases, depression, what
fighting something yourself do not forgive. Importantly, as we’re taxiing in from
such situations. The film “Selfie” is a psychological Thriller. We will powergem
the audience for the nerves. And, hopefully, the audience will not regret it.”