Keira Knightley spoke about the problems after birth

Кира Найтли рассказала о проблемах после родов

A year and a half ago, British actress keira Knightley first became a mother. the star of “Anna Karenina” gave birth to the wife of James Ryton daughter, whom they called Eddie.

The birth of a child the event, of course, important and sometimes requires women some of the victims. In the case of Knightley, she had to sacrifice her figure. Recently, reporters Kira complained that for a year and a half and was unable to return to their prenatal shape, and many things she used to wear, now she is small.

“Now my body looks completely different than before. And I think that’s OK, because I had to live through an extraordinary event, i.e. the birth of a child. I used to think that immediately after birth, quickly return to the previous form. In fact, everything went not as I expected. And it took me a very long time, not even to get back in your jeans, but at least close to it. But now, I, fortunately, left quite a bit to the goal!” — admitted 31-year-old Kiera.

By the way, after the baby is born Knightley realized how much she managed to achieve professionally. Now these achievements help her, for example, to hire a nanny: “I was able to afford to hire a great nanny. Because in our country, similar services, if we are talking about qualified assistant, are extremely expensive. And only rich women can afford to go to work, reassign the care of their child the person to whom this can be safely trusted. So I was very lucky, because if I allowed myself to go on leave to care for her daughter for three or four years, I am unlikely to again be able to find their place in show business…”