Кира Найтли рассказала о воспитании дочери

The daughter of actress keira Knightley Eddie was born six years ago, and abruptly changed the life and Outlook of the artist. The star of “pirates of Karibskogo sea” appeared on a talk show The Jonathan Ross Show, in which he spoke about the achievements of his baby girl.

“She talks a lot, runs around and literally repeats everything we say. So we need to be very careful,” said Kira, and made it clear that Eddie sometimes repeats and not the decent vocabulary.
Discussing Christmas plans keira and her husband James Rayton even had to rehearse Christmas dinner to see if their daughter was to be present at the table.
“We actually tested, we can invite guests, and whether Edie long enough to sit at the table during thanksgiving dinner. However, all she did was screaming “the Ball! Ball!”, take the Brussels sprouts and threw me. Even I will not explain how painful it was. I hope during the Christmas dinner won’t happen again” — laughing, said Kira.