Keira Knightley spoke about sexual violence

Кира Найтли рассказала о сексуальном насилии

32-year-old keira Knightley starred in the historical drama, the British actress played the French writer Colette in the film by Colette. In an interview for Variety magazine, Knightley admitted that he likes to play the role of characters of past centuries, not modern heroines, because the scenario of their “most rape”. Also, the actress spoke about her experience with Harvey Weinstein and their own attitude to harassment in Hollywood.

Кира Найтли рассказала о сексуальном насилии

Says the actress in historical dramas, in her opinion, women are treated better. “I’m not in modern stories because the female characters there’s almost always rape. I always find something unpleasant in the depicted woman. And historical, on the contrary, inspire me. Sometimes I fall into the hands of a scenario about the present in which the heroine is not raped on the first five pages, and it is not just a loving girlfriend or wife. Feel that things are changing for the better,” Knightley said in an interview.

Кира Найтли рассказала о сексуальном насилии
Knightley believes that modern cinema has room to grow. In her opinion, the woman should pay more attention and create more “strong and multi-level roles.” Amid the scandal in Hollywood journalist could not help but ask about his personal attitude to the female harassment. “I knew about the culture of silence surrounding abuse of women. Knew that the men in the movie business allowed to behave completely differently than women,” says Knightley.

32-year-old actress admitted that has never been subjected to harassment or violence from their colleagues. Also the star told about the experience of working with Harvey Weinstein. As she says Kira, she can’t accuse him of harassment. “He was always a true professional while working on films in which I starred. I knew of his reputation as a bully. He was known to call people in the middle of the night and screamed at them. But with me not happened and, of course, he didn’t offer me a massage or something like that. I didn’t know about rape and other horrible things. I think many people were scared, afraid of revenge, so was silent. I don’t think everyone knew what was going on,” says the star.

Despite the fact that in the career of the actress are very lucky, in daily life was still an unpleasant experience. “I think every woman has struggled with similar monsters. I’m talking about the dirty harassment in bars and other public places,” explained the actress.

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