Keira Knightley returns to his favorite

Кира Найтли возвращается к своему любимому
The actress has decided to abandon the earlier decision.

Keira Knightley and Orlando bloom in “pirates of the Caribbean”

Photo: OutNow

Fans Of Keira Knightley
excited with the unexpected news: it became known that the actress will appear in a new
part of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean”. Although until recently the public about
it was not known that a 32-year-old actress will again play Elizabeth Swann, no
no doubt about it. The fact that her character appeared in a new trailer for the fifth
part of the “Pirates…” However, those who watched the trailer, waiting for another surprise:
as it turned out, the new film involved, and Orlando bloom, who played in the first three parts of the franchise — will Coach the beloved Elizabeth.

This news has surprised many
because both bloom and Knightley claimed in his time that time and
forever done with “Pirates…”, Kira said then that although she
left pleasant memories from working on the franchise, she believes this topic
for myself completely exhausted. So
previous film about pirates “On stranger tides” came out and no bloom and no keira Knightley.
That forced both actors to change the decision we made, not reported.
Perhaps they were overcome by nostalgia for the old times…

However, it remains to be
the appearance of Kira in Orlando short episode, or the plot again, as it was
before, built around their relationship.
But it is already known that an important role in the film will play Henry, a grown-up
the son of will and Elizabeth. It will play
young actor Brenton Thwaites. In the new part of the pirates, we, of course,
meet the inimitable johnny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow. And
the villain and the main enemy of Jack the captain
Salazar will play this time Javier Bardem.