Константин Хабенский отказал в фото «особенному» сыну Эвелины Бледанс The scandal turned the meeting Evelina Bledans with Konstantin Khabensky during a holiday in the Crimea — the actor refused to be photographed with a six year old son presenter, whose doctors from birth was diagnosed with down syndrome. Mama Seeds believes that such an act does not make the artist, who for many years engaged in charity.
Константин Хабенский отказал в фото «особенному» сыну Эвелины Бледанс

Six years ago the presenter was going to be mother daughter, but gave birth to a son. “The first of April I faked my own child, who is nine months pretended to be a girl,” laughed then star. As it became known later, the boy was born with down syndrome. Since then, the life of Evelyn turned into a constant struggle for the happiness of the child — Bledans struggling to SEMA grew up the same as other children. But not everyone is sympathetic to the ailment of the baby.

Among these, to the surprise of the public, was keira Knightley. The actor, who for many years successfully directs the charitable Foundation, rescuing children with brain disease, has recently refused the boy in the photograph — this was told herself Bledans.

“Though we live in a small gated hotel “Artek”, I introduced myself and told that a child with down syndrome. Need a photo for his page. I have repeatedly supported the Foundation of Constantine. Probably just me, a fool never refuse anyone in the photos, realizing that she chose a public profession. After this post we probably never will get a photo with your favorite actor, but I had to share it. Personal space — Yes! Photos with the crowd — it’s doubtful! But to deny a “special” child and a colleague to be photographed — no! Excuse me, Konstantin, do not understand,” shared Evelyn.
Константин Хабенский отказал в фото «особенному» сыну Эвелины Бледанс“There’s a part of operation: red carpet, press conference. And there is a private space. Personally, I’m not going to hide, do not want to go in closed institutions, I want to live as we live, so I think that people, the audience, they love me or not, should understand. I’m not a camera for photography, not a monkey. On request to be photographed I have the right to say “no” when somewhere, smoke, chat with friends — I don’t have to settle for something for any query”, — told Konstantin Khabensky.

Many colleagues of the presenter was surprised by the behavior of movie stars, because Constantine and he helps children with serious illnesses, and often attends charity events.

Your Fund he created in memory of the deceased spouse. The mother of his eldest son Ivan, the journalist Anastasia Smirnova, died December 1, 2008 in Los Angeles after a long battle with a brain tumor. “Son knows what happened, and our grandmother tells him constantly. She took on the role of mom. It is difficult for him, because for him, she and grandma, and mom. He’s afraid to face it. There are a lot of difficult conversations,” said the actor in an interview.

Now Konstantin is married to actress Olga Litvinova, which two years ago gave his daughter to Alexander. Along with the new family of 46-year-old artist lives in Moscow, while his eldest son lives with his grandmother in Spain.