Keira Knightley left his home to escape from the maniac

Кира Найтли покинула свой дом спасаясь от маньяка
Actress is looking for a new home.

Keira Knightley


The other day keira Knightley told of how she had to leave favorite neighborhood
and the house where she was so happy because of the fear of invasion haunted
her maniac. This story Knightley told the reporter newspaper the Sun.

It all started with the fact that in the vicinity of the house of Kira in London began to see a strange man. And
then at the door Kira has begun to receive the message. Unknown peppered Kira
love letters and personal meeting requirements. It is as if they never
doubted that Kira shares his feelings. Once he enclosed a “stick”
with written on it a song that he wrote himself and dedicated it to his love

Kira’s rival, who, as it turned out, name is mark
Revell, began to organize the house Knightley almost daily ambushes. Since
the local police, where the actress has requested protection for a long time
reacted to her pleas, the husband of actress
James Ryton had no time personally to drive away from their house Reveil that Kira could go

“It came to the point that I was afraid to leave the house. I went
fearfully looking around, and in the evening, almost at a run back
back. It seemed to me that my Stalker is hiding somewhere in the shadows. But worse
thing was that I began seriously to fear for the safety of my daughter Addie…” he told Kira.

Ultimately, the police decided to take action to arrest Revilla. As
it turned out it was not the first offense Mark. In the past he pursued
another woman. Mark is also bombarded her with love letters. He was then arrested
in that moment, when he tried to get into her house completely naked. For
the pursuit of Kira tried it, but the punishment he, oddly enough, was not
too strict probation in 8 weeks imprisonment and prohibition to approach
Knightley. In other words, at the expiration of the term, nothing prevents him started
to terrorize Kira and her family. So the actress decided to change the place
of residence.

“I loved the area, I have lived here for many years and was happy. We
my husband and I were hoping our daughter will go to school here. And now we
you have to leave…” complained Knightley