Кира Найтли во второй раз стала мамой

34-year-old British actress keira Knightley for the second time became a mother. This became known thanks to the paparazzi.

No matter how hard the celebrities to hide their privacy, but the paparazzi always – sooner or later — Suss the truth. Thus, it became known about the new addition in the family of Hollywood star keira Knightley and her husband, British musician, vocalist and keyboardist of the London new wave band “Klaxons” James Ryton. Pair the second time became parents.

About adding to the family told reporters who managed to photograph new parents while walking the streets of London. Now walking pictures taken by the paparazzi while walking with a newborn baby.

Yet it is unknown the sex of the baby. The actress and her husband the news about the new addition to the family decided not to comment. I doubt whether celebrity would have told about the birth of a child, if not for the paparazzi.

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Keira gave birth to her second child! ❤ This ❤ it’s amazing I’m so happy!!! But sadly they didn’t announce the gender of #keiraknightley

Publication of Keira Knightley // 5.3 k♡ (@keirachristinaknightley_) 16 Sep 2019 at 8:08 am PDT

We will add, that keira Knightley is pregnant with her second child, it became known in early may of 2019. Then at the party, “Chanel J12”, many of the guests noticed the rounded belly of the actress.

From keira Knightley and James Ryton also have a daughter Edie, born in 2015.

Note that marrying James was the first for the actress. Kira previously built relationships with mostly male actors. So, in 2001-2003, she was Dating actor Del Sinnott, whom she met on the set of the film “Daughter of Robin hood: Princess of thieves.” In 2003-2005, Knightley was Dating a model and actor Jamie Dornan, known for the film “50 shades of grey”. From 2005 to December 2010 was in a relationship with actor Rupert Friend, colleague on the film “Pride and prejudice”.

Momentous for the actress was February of 2011, that’s when keira Knightley began Dating musician James Ryton. The couple were married may 4, 2013 in Mazan, France. 25 may 2015 in the couple’s first daughter was born.

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