Keira Knightley hides from his pursuers in Mexico

Константин Хабенский скрывается от преследователей в Мексике
The actor plays the main role in the TV series “Trotsky”.

Константин Хабенский скрывается от преследователей в Мексике

Konstantin Khabensky

Production company “Environment” announced the beginning of filming
The 8-episode drama “Trotsky” in Mexico with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role. Recall
what this historical figure, the actor played in the TV series “Yesenin”, but then it
the character appears on screen only a few episodes.

In the story of the former leader of the Russian revolution, found themselves in
exile in Mexico city, miraculously survives after his home on the outskirts of the city
shot in a quarter of an hour. Trotsky understands that from Stalin, he may
to escape but can not escape, he will pursue his enemy until
deal with it. And Lev Davidovich decides to give battle, but not with weapons, but with words. And
decides to leave a political will, for the first time openly spoke about how he, a poor Jewish boy managed
to bring down the largest Empire in the world. And to work on his memoirs, attracts its
ideological opponents of a canadian journalist who sympathizes with Stalin.

The series also stars Michael Porechenkov, Maxim Matveev,
Evgeny Stychkin, Olga Sutulova,
Alexander Mareeva.