Константин Хабенский: «Помогать нужно с улыбкой, получая удовольствие!»
The actor with his colleagues visited the home rink of the country on the day of the charity.

Константин Хабенский: «Помогать нужно с улыбкой, получая удовольствие!»

Konstantin Khabensky, Yegor Beroev, Ksenia Alferova, Olga Sutulova, Alexei Yashin

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

For the past four years
in a row on the last Saturday of January at the rink ENEA appear children and adults in
cheerful carnival masks with animal images. 27 Jan vgosti charity
the day, organized jointly with the Fund Konstantin Khabensky, help Fund
the hospice “Faith” and Fund of support of children with special needs “I am!», took
part in the ice flashmob, quizzes, fun exercises and carnival rides
with the stars of theatre, cinema and sports. They were Konstantin Khabensky,
Olga Sutulova, Yegor Beroev, Ksenia Alferova, Alexei Yashin and others.

“Fourth time today
going on a charity masquerade at the rink ENEA. The main idea is
what you need to help with a smile to help you need enjoy, —
shared the actor. No tragedy in this, is normal
life process where some are helping others, while receiving tremendous
enjoy the communication, fresh air and ice. In winter, activity associated with
charity, a little quiet compared to the summer. Therefore,
it was invented by such a large, public event for three charities. In winter
charity needs to go to bed”.

Together with others
tradition went out on the ice and trust funds: children and adolescents with features
development, as well as the guys who are struggling with serious illnesses. Many of
these children for the first time he stepped on the ice. Performed at the celebration
the artists of the show “the Voice”, orchestra MOSBYS, street theatre “Fire people”, DJ
Lantern, Schultz and Duck, their vivid demonstration of the numbers presented in Moscow
clubs of figure skating “Libella”, “Argus Dynamo” and “Konyok Gorbunok”.

Everyone could
to take part in a charity lottery in the good campaign “greetings from ENEA»:
hundreds of touching cards with the warmest wishes to those who could not
to come this day to the rink, was sent to wards funds. During the day all
visitors to the rink gave gold hearts, which could bind to
one of the magical trees, making the cherished desire. By the evening
near the stage “blossomed” the real “garden of dreams”. Ended charity
holiday with colorful fireworks and a disco.

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event