Константин Хабенский стал жертвой мошенников The actor said that he had twins. Before the start of the release of the film “Selfie” Knightley said, what’s not to like social networks, and also admitted how he prefers to communicate with friends.

Soon a Russian screens out the picture “Selfie”. The main character of the film, filmed on the novel by Sergei Minaev, was a popular writer, who suddenly appears double. The attacker literally steals his life and the attention of loved ones. In the starring Konstantin Khabensky. Before the release of the pictures, the actor talked to reporters.

Movie star claims that the situation described in the film, sometimes occurs in everyday life. In particular, Khabensky was noticed that in the Internet there are many pages that registered in his name.

“Now is the time of virtual reality, and believe me, the doubles are. For example, some people for me to create an account in social networks, answer many questions. They probably don’t have enough of their life, so they become twins. And the more negative guys use these for selfish purposes, sinking sometimes to raise funds for charity. Are deceiving people. We are trying to deal with them all the means at hand. So the twins are… This is our reality”, – said Konstantin.

The actor says that he prefers to communicate with friends and acquaintances in the real world, avoiding social networking. “I can’t and don’t want to waste time on it. There I do not see and do not understand the power of the man, his message… So I find it easier the old fashioned way, I’m a caveman,” added the actor.

His colleague in the picture was Anna Mikhalkov. The actress jokes that she was making a movie in between parent meetings. She got the role of the ex-wife of the protagonist. Since the actress is working with Khabensky’s not the first time, she knew what awaits her. Many years ago Anna came to the artist’s work, and he helped her. Constantine himself communicating with colleagues very reserved, preferring not to comment.

“On the set of a partner must be primarily sensitive man, not to burden you with their problems, a mood, a desire to please. You need to feel the partner, and it’s called delicacy”, – shared his point of view of the actor in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.