Кира Найтли впервые поделилась впечатлениями о втором ребенке

Кира Найтли впервые поделилась впечатлениями о втором ребенке

34-year-old actress keira Knightley became a mother for the second time about a month ago. This became known only because the paparazzi were able to capture it with a toddler on the streets of new York. Is the celebrity really hide her pregnancy and childbirth, until yesterday it did not comment on the whole personal life. Oct 17, gave his first interview on a TV show, where he spoke for my child and gave some advice for young mothers.

Kira immediately admitted that behaves at home, like all standard mom. It the day may not even be time to change runs constantly in pyjamas, and sometimes forgets to comb her hair. All as in all.

At the time of the show she thanked her stylist Luke who finally tidied her hair. Also admitted that at the moment she’s wearing the dress she just made, she didn’t buy it didn’t. “My appearance now means absolutely nothing,” said Kira.

Naulty believes that this pace of life of women and all mothers, is absolutely normal. She feeds the baby’s chest, and considers it a very important process, so to leave the child for a long time it is currently not. To be on the show, she had to make time between feedings. Cyrus also admitted that her house is a mess, it is not yet able to establish the right rhythm of life that attention was missing and children, husband and home. At the end of the interview Knightley gave advice to all moms who are on maternity leave: “Stay in pajamas and not brush your hair. Let your house be a complete mess. Just look at those people who bring you food.” That such valuable counsel from the celebrities, it turns out, they are no different from other women of our planet.

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