Кира Найтли зарабатывает в 100 раз больше мужа

One of the most highly paid and famous Actresses of our time keira Knightley is somewhat different from his colleagues. While many celebrities put their multimillion-dollar fees in real estate, expensive cars, spend on a luxurious closet and enjoying an expensive vacation in some Paradise corner, Kira is not doing any of the above. The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” lives quite modestly dresses in stores budget brands, and their young child does not indulge in expensive toys.

Don’t confuse the actress and the fact that it essentially has his family, because, as it turned out, Kira earns significantly more than his husband, Klaxons musician James Ryton.

PopcornNews reports that Knightley profit in comparison with Ryton already more than a hundred times.

The publication quoted financial analysts, determined that during its existence the company KCK Boo Knightley brought its owner an income of 8 million pounds, while the company of Ryton Galloping Faster is just 88 thousand pounds.

Obviously, pair this state of Affairs does not prevent, because they are just good to be together, they’re happy.

We will remind, recently the Director, who worked with keira on the painting “for once in my life”, confessed that she caused him a lot of problems.

According to John, in the process of working on the film, keira has a whole new perspective thanks to what he realized that made the wrong choice of actress for the lead role: “the more I tried to do everything as it should be, the more I realized that it was not right for the role, she writes music and plays guitar,” continued the Director. – I realized that I would never make movies with supermodels. Kira tries to hide who she really is. It seems to me, actors shouldn’t do that. I like to work with curious and worthy actors, not superstars. I don’t want to hurt Kira, but the actor to be very difficult. It requires some degree of honesty and introspection, and it seems to me, are not ready. And I don’t think she was ready for this film”.

Later filmmaker brought the actress the apologies, took back your words, calling himself an idiot.

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