Keira Knightley doesn’t fit in my jeans

Кира Найтли не влезает в свои джинсы
The actress can not get back in shape after childbirth.

Keira Knightley

Photo: Instagram

Keira Knightley,
who had children — Addie from
her husband, James Ryton more than a year and a half ago, said she
can not go back to my old size clothes. About it, Knightley told
in his interview with

“My body now is quite different than
before. And I think that’s OK, because
I had to endure an extraordinary event, i.e. the birth
child. I used to think that immediately after birth, quickly returns to its previous
form. In fact, everything went not as I expected. And I
it took a very long time, not even to get back in their jeans and
at least close to it. But now, I, fortunately, remains quite
a little to the goal!” — admitted 31-year-old Kiera.

By the way,
the actress, who has long returned to work, she admitted, only now appreciated
the fact that during her career she managed to become quite wealthy
woman. “I was able to afford to hire a great nanny. Because in our country
such services, if we are talking about qualified assistant,
are extremely expensive. And only rich women can afford the luxury
to go to work, reassign the care of their child the person who is
you can safely trust. So I was very lucky, because if I let myself
to go on leave to care for her daughter for three or four years, I am unlikely to again be able
to find their place in show business…” – said the actress.

But now,
when Kira returns from filming, she finds his home happy and well-groomed
daughter and can enjoy fellowship with her. As admitted Knightley, now its Eddie
was particularly funny. “She is like a jet rocket, which flies
a million miles an hour. Moreover, Eddie is moving in this mode since the moment
opens his eyes, until the hour when he goes to sleep…” he told Knightley.